Deeestrukto's Guitar Riff Generator v1

Deeestructo's Guitar Riff Generator v1 was written in late 2009 and unleashed on the Internet on January 1, 2010. Since then, the guitar riff generator has created 361337 guitar riffs.

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Antagonize Ditto Inertia Splice

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Application Notes

Guitar Riffs Info

This computer programming project is a random computer-generated guitar riff generator modeled after the classic chords used by the rock band AC/DC. Each simple guitar riff is only a few bars long.

Guitar Generator Info

When you generate a guitar riff with this application, the tablature is displayed on the screen, the mp3 is rendered on the server, and a link is displayed which allows you to listen to an mp3 of the guitar riff on your computer. You can then generate a new guitar riff if you so choose.

Computer-Generated Music

This application creates computer-generated music and also functions as a guitar tab generator, song name generator and a guitar chord progression generator. If you like this application, please join our forum and leave us a comment. You also may consider donating a small amount via the paypal donate button in order to help fund our continued server and development costs in building this computer-generated music application.

Guitar Riffs Lifespan

Please note that archived mp3's older than 24 hours will be removed due to disk space reality. A complete guitar riff archive for the guitar generator is still kept at the headquarters. If you like a particular riff, we'd suggest downloading it for permanent storage.

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