What did you use to program this application?
This computer programming project was coded using PHP5 and the mp3 class, specifically the merge mp3 function. It also uses a MySQL database to store the parameters for each note which is really an amateur approach.

Why do most of the mp3's sound a lot like something you would find on an AC/DC album?
I originally tested the program using just a couple of chords and found that the guitar riffs it generated sounded a lot like AC/DC so I added a couple of more "classic" AC/DC chords and voila... a random AC/DC GUITAR RIFF GENERATOR!

What if I have a suggestion to make your application better?
Please contact me at admin@riffgenerator.com and I will take a look at your idea

Why will the guitar riff generator only play newly generated mp3's?
The script is set to delete mp3's older than one day due to server disc space limitations. The script is therefore set to only show a flash player and download link for mp3's that are created within the last day.

Can I make the guitar riff play faster?
At the current time, there is only one tempo available which is a standard rock tempo used often by AC/DC which is the band that this guitar riff generator was modelled after.

Can it play anything other than AC/DC-style guitar riffs?
Not currently. But I plan to introduce a Black Sabbath-themed guitar riff generator version 2 in early 2011.

What gave you the idea to make a guitar riff generator?
I don't know! Lol! Actually, I think I was just sitting around thinking about different things I could possibly do using very simple scripts. So I was thinking about the random function in PHP and then I started thinking about how I could use that to make a guitar riff. Then I started thinking about making a random guitar riff generator which I originally researched for Java because that is what I originally intended to program the guitar riff generator in. While I was doing my research, I put together a very rudimentary version in PHP5 and ended up liking the way it worked so I refined it a bit and what you see is what you get. I have updated it a few times (read: Guitar Riff Generator History and still plan on implementing a Java version someday, probably using MIDI instead of MP3.

What are your future design ideas for this application?
I plan to move the project to java and use midi to create the sound file which will allow me to create more complicated guitar riffs, and have more customization of the random values including tempo, riff duration and tone of the guitar. In the meantime, I plan to introduce a PHP-based version 2 which will have one voicing of each of the 12 different power chords that can be played on the guitar. I have a FEELING that version 2 will be very Black Sabbath sounding. Especially if I downtune the guitar when I sample the guitar notes. :)

Who created this site?
This site and script was written by Kasey Patola. Copyright (c) 2009-2011. All rights reserved.

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